The Perils of Social Media (Long)

Thought provoking for both #HR & #jobseekers. It may be long but it’s worth your time.

David Hunt, PE... Mechanical Engineer on the loose!

In my column Casting the First Stone I discussed the trend of checking people out on social media, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, let alone just using search engines with permutations of name, job titles, locations, etc.  (Repeating a recommendation for job seekers: if you’re concerned about your online presence, don’t just search for yourself, but recruit friends to do it for you as search engines customize your search results based on your individual past history.  Things can get filtered out and thus overlooked if you just do it on your own, or if everyone only uses only one search engine like google.  Diversify those searching and how they search.)

I also mentioned the fact that when you search for yourself, you will doubtless find links associated with people of similar, or even identical, names.  As I mentioned in that prior column, I found a political rant by a person…

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